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Welcome to my ‘CHEYANNE ROSE JEWELRY’ line.  I love jewelry that makes a statement by itself or when partnered with a coordinating piece.  I love jewelry that announces, ’Here I Am World! I am WOMAN!’  

I chose the name ‘Cheyanne’ because my beautiful 4-year old granddaughter is named Kaitlyn Cheyanne.  I added the ‘Rose’ because I believe a Rose is like a Woman – gracious and beautiful, yet strong and protective when she needs to be.  I believe every woman has a Pioneer spirit running through her blood, even if she grew up in the city.  Just like old heritage roses planted by the Pioneer women years ago on their travels Westward, we too bring sunshine and smiles and comfort.  No one can look at a rose, smell it’s fragrance, admire it’s grace and beauty, without smiling!  So I decided Rose should also be part of the name, as a tribute to Women of all ages.    

I make each of my jewelry pieces and, since each one is individually crafted, there may be minor variations from what you see in the photographs.  I’ve intentionally kept them all affordable so everyone from single working moms to career women can afford to add them to their fashion wardrobe.  I accept PayPal and money orders, and I can ship anywhere.

Sherie Smith 


Various tones of green, lime, sage, beige and brown beads, intersperced with gold accent beads, make up this fun dangle bracelet.   It’s equally attractive with a dress, slacks or even with casual shorts. It’s on a stretch band so it adjusts to fit everyone.  The soft lime green dangle adds a sassy kick every gal loves!


I absolutely LOVE this bracelet because turquoise and lime are two of my favorite shades to wear.  They always put me in a summertime mood, even when worn with a sweater.   Authentic turquoise and peridot chips on a stretchy band assure a proper fit for everyone.  The turquoise dangle is also accented with more turquoise and peridot nuggets.


If you’ve never worn a memory bracelet, you should definitely own this one.  These colors, although in cooler tones, always make people feel good.  If you don’t believe me, just try it.  When a woman wears a beautiful turquoise blouse or dress, she is always radiant.   Silver filigree-like beads dangle from each end of the wire for accent and sass!  I’ve used beads in various shades of dark blue, dark purple, dark turquoise, then also lighter shades of purple and turquoise and sea green.  This bracelet comes in two sizes – Small which fits a smaller wrist for Girls/Young Teens (5″-6″) and Regular for a woman’s 7″-8″ wrist.  When you order, please select the desired size.


This exciting piece looks heavy but it’s actually very light.  Except for the continuous compliments you’ll be receiving, you’ll actually forget you are wearing it.   Various shades of pink, fuschia and dusty rose are bracketed by silver filigree-type beads.  Matching pierced earrings complete the set.  Very classy look whether you are dressed for church, a night on the town or with a cute top and your favorite pair of jeans. 



These are one of our most popular designs – so simple, yet so elegant.  This particular one is amethyst nuggest and silver balls fall approximately 2.5″ below the ear wires.  This clean design is our best earring seller and comes in several different gemstones.


This bracelet fits a standard size 7+/-” wrist and is on a stretch cord so it always fits nicely.  It features two dangles for sass and charima!   The lovely combination of dark blue lapis combines nicely with the tangy lime-colored peritod nuggets.  Scattered in between the peridot and the lapis are 6mm gold balls for beautiful accents. 


Again, such simple but elegant lines always show off a beautiful neckline, as well as drawing attention to the face.  Dark blue lapis and crisp turquoise offset each other nicely and a lovely ‘pop’ of coordinating colors.  The silver in the 6mm beads cast a beautiful shine to these lighty-weight pierced earrings.  Again, this style is one of our most popular ones.


A combination of assorted purple and lavendar glass beads are scattered between light turquoise and silver spacer beads.  This bracelet fits a typical-sized 7″ wrist.  The light-weight nature of this bracelet is always comfortable to wear and looks twice as nice when two of these are worn together on the same wrist!  Bracelet closes securely with a clasp fastener.    


These are just a few of my Cheyanne Rose Jewelry pieces and I am listing more every few days.  If something catches your eye,  just email and I’ll get back with you right away on price and estimated delivery time.   These are constantly having to be replaced so I always like you to know how soon I can ship when you place you order.  Thanks for visiting and checking out my jewelry.  I love making them for you and I know you’ll get loads of compliments when you wear them, just like I do.    I accept PayPal and Money Orders, so you have several convenient payment methods available.  I also make custom pieces if you would like something similar but with different stones, colors or beads – just let me know.

Thanks again,

Sherie Smith


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